Audit Services

Our team at Argus believes security enables growth in the blockchain ecosystem. We provide public and private code audit services for enterprises and startups integrating with blockchain technology. Every security audit comes with a final audit report that outlines general findings, code vulnerabilities, code analysis results, and recommendations to improve security. Our team has expertise in Solidity, Bitcoin Scripting, C++, Rust, Java, Javascript, and Python.

Token Sales

We identify vulnerabilities to funds, issues with protocol implementation, and potential bottlenecks in the token sale.

Blockchain Protocols

We review smart contracts, state-channels, and sidechains to ensure protocol correctness, efficiency, and security.

Smart Contract Development

We write smart contracts on Ethereum that inlcude the security, reliability, and scalability that we ensure in our audits.

Past Audits


About Us

Argus is a leading blockchain technology firm, providing security audits with industry-leading code standards for organizations. Our team comes from Blockchain at Berkeley and has over 12 years of blockchain development experience. We have consulted for Fortune 500 enterprises, developed industry-standard cryptography libraries, and taught blockchain technology to thousands of developers.

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